Vasily StepanenkoVasily Stepanenko



Electrical engineer, Donetsk Polytechnic Institute;

Certificated energy manager, diploma AEE;

Certificate "Municipal Energy Planning".


Vasily Stepanenko has 20 years of experience in energy auditing of buildings and industrial facilities, energy consulting, development and implementation of building retrofit, energy efficiency projects in industry, development of municipal heat supply systems and strategies, CHP, renewable energy (biomass, heat pumps). He has been the project manager for over 80 industrial and municipal energy efficiency projects (conceptualization, detailed engineering design and actual on-site construction).

Vasily Stepanenko has experience in identification and development of energy efficiency projects for financing by banks. He manages the company ESCO "ECOSYS" in Ukraine, working on preparation of bankable energy efficiency projects for private investors and municipalities. He is an author of more than 50 articles, which were published in Ukrainian and Russian magazines.

From 2002 Vasily Stepanenko has been an editor-in-chief of magazine "ESCO". Vasily Stepanenko prepared a translation into Russian and publication of more than 40 books and booklets about ESCO, performance contracting and energy efficiency.

In 2010-2012 Vasily Stepanenko was involved in the development of Municipal Energy Plans for Kiev, Kramatorsk, Kherson, Kupiansk and Pavlograd (The USAID Municipal Heating Reform Project in Ukraine). He also provided training of energy managers and city governments on municipal energy planning process in Ukrainian cities, which were selected by USAID Project "Municipal Heat Reform".

In 2014-2015 Vasily Stepanenko was involved in the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans for Kiev, Zaporizhia, Kramatorsk, Kherson and Pavlograd under the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine.

During 2008-2011 Vasily Stepanenko headed the conducting of investment energy audits and development of district heating modernization of 20 Ukrainian cities (Kherson, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhia, Simferopol, Kremenchuk, Poltava and others).

In 1996-1997 Vasily Stepanenko was an active member of the Working Group on energy efficiency Kuchma-Gore Commission. He took an active part in projects of USAID technical assistance for energy and industry.


Alexander Afanasiev

Alexander Afanasyev

Technical director


Electrical and radio engineer, Zaporizhia Machine Building Institute;

Certificate "Municipal Energy Planning".

Alexander Afanasiev has 20 years of experience in energy audit of buildings, street lighting and district heating, development and implementation of building retrofit projects and energy efficiency projects in industry, development of municipal heat supply systems and strategies, feasibility study of renewable energy projects (heat pumps and biomass projects).



Gofman EugeneEugene Gofman

Deputy director


Zaporizhia National Technical University, Diploma "Software of automated systems"
Ph.D. thesis "Systems of artificial intelligence"


  • Planning & Organization
  • Negotiating with partners and customers
  • Preparation of contracts





Olena Riasnova

Project manager


Master's Degree "Energy management" graduated with honors Zaporozhzhya State Engineering Academy, 2010
Bachelor of Science "Accounting and Auditing (Economics)" Zaporozhzhya State Engineering Academy, 2010


2010 - 2012 - Energy Manager ESCO "Ecological Systems", Executive Editor of the specialized journal "Heat pumps";
2014 - till present time - Project manager ESCO "Ecological Systems".

  • project management (quality control, timing, budget and risks);
  • communication with the clients (coordination of the plans, timelines, requirements, budgets);
  • project team management;
  • preparation of necessary documentation:
  • - technical reports
    - schedules;
    - terms of reference;
    - functional requirements;
    - financial reports.
  • participation in the contracts conclusion (including participation in tenders);
  • presentation of projects.


    Victoria ArtiukhVictoria Artiukh

    Head of communications and marketing department


    Electrical engineer, Moscow State Mining University.


    Victoria Artiukh has been leading the department since 2002. She is responsible for:

    • Identifying new business opportunities, tracking upcoming RFPs, writing non-technical sections for proposals, reviewing draft proposals
    • Designing, developing and updating company's websites
    • Designing, implementing and monitoring company's informational projects
    • Organizing conferences and workshops
    • Organizing the company's participation in exhibitions
    • Preparing print and online marketing materials. Preparing brochures and books for publication



    Olga GoroshkoOlga Goroshko

    Head of energy management department


    Sociologist, Zaporizhia State University;

    Certificated Project Management Practitioner IPMA (Level D), Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute of Public Administration.

    Olga Goroshko has experience in energy audit of residential and administrative building. As a member of Ecosys's team involved in the USAID Municipal Heating Reform Project in Ukraine, Olga Goroshko prepared energy passports for selected building and designed feasibility studies of buildings renovation.



    Julia KalininaJulia Kalinina

    Head of energy audit department


    Energy manager, Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy


    • Energy audits of residential, public and commercial buildings
    • Energy audits of heat supply utility companies
    • Development of fuel and investment balances
    • Development of analytical surveys of energy consumption
    • Development inventories of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Municipal energy planning



    Vadim Matkovsky

    Head of investment analysis and planning department


    Energy manager, National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute"


    • Development of the sustainable energy plans and EE transformation programs for cities
    • Municipal energy planning
    • Development of rehabilitation of municipal district heating systems, including transmission and distribution networks and generation facilities of HOB, CHP and biomass
    • Development of energy efficiency investment projects in the sectors buildings, lighting, heat and water supply
    • Assessment of technical options for the integration of renewable energy in buildings and municipal utilities (heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar heating and PV).
    • Energy audits of heat supply utility companies
    • Energy audits of residential, public and commercial buildings

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