Providing assistance in development of the website and inform stakeholders on energy efficiency

Name of client: International Resources Group (IRG)/USAID Project "Municipal Heating Reform in Ukraine"
Period of Performance: December 2010 - June 2011

Project activities include:

  • Advising on the design and structure of the Project's website
  • Selection, adaptation and filling the website with content for sections "Strategy of district heating", "Legislation", "Training materials" and "Energy management"
  • Prepared a consumer brochure "Energy saving measures in buildings"
  • Developed a handbook "Strategic energy saving decisions for cities"
  • Developed a handbook for Home Owners Associations "Installing meters and regulating heat energy in buildings"
  • Prepared a booklet "What is energy independence and why are tariffs growing"
  • Performed unofficial translations of EU Directives:
    - Directive 2009/28/EC on promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources
    - Directive 2010/31 EC on energy performance of buildings.

11 Mayakovsky Ave., Zaporizhia, 69035, Ukraine

tel. +380 61 224 68 12, tel./fax +380 61 224 66 86