Providing training, assistance and consulting on Sustainable Energy Action Plans to cities of Kherson, Kramatorsk and Zaporizhia

Name of client: International Resources Group, Project USAID "Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine" (MERP)
Period of Performance: April 2014 - March 2015

The EcoSys team provided assistance to MERP partner cities of Kherson, Kramatorsk and Zaporizhia in development of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

Project activities:

  • Activity 1: Participation on training at methodology adaptation
  • Activity 2: Training on SEAP development for partner cities
    - Interview the city authorities to ascertain their current needs and capabilities to implement and use SEAPs
    - Providing assistance to the city to select participants for SEAP training. Developing the Executive Plan and Quality Assurance Plan for SEAP training.
  • Activity 3: Providing assistance and consulting on SEAP development to the selected cities
    - Pilot city data collection for Municipal Information Energy System
    - Developing of base line for production and consumption and GHG emissions. Preparing a Baseline Scenario
    - Development cost estimates for the most attractive technical options and perform financial analysis
    - Assisting municipal specialists to prepare a long-term Sustainable Energy Action Plan in accordance with Covenant of Mayors methodology
    - Participation in all relevant city council discussions and participate in improvements of SEAPs
    - Providing inputs covering SEAPs results dissemination through cities information systems and web-sites.

The project deliverables are available in Ukrainian here

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