Development of Municipal Solid Waste Management Program in Odessa region for the period 2017-2022

Name of client: International Resources Group (IRG)/USAID Project "Municipal Heating Reform in Ukraine"
Period of Performance: October 2017 - December 2017

The goal of developing the Program of Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Odessa region for the years 2018-2022 is identifying the required activities for assuring an effective MSW management in the oblast, namely, to minimize the impact of waste generated as the result of human activities on the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and recover as much as possible any secondary resources for economic use, while specifying the cost of such activities and their implementation deadlines.

Project activities include:

  • Identify and systematically organize objective data on MSW for the last five years
  • Evaluate the status of MSW management at the regional level
  • Develop and implement a unified comprehensive system of monitoring and control in the field of MSW management in Odessa region
  • Identify weaknesses and barriers for developing sanitation schemes for territories of cities and raions in the oblast with due account for bringing the standard values of waste generation in conformity with their actual volumes
  • Develop a Territorial Plan of MSW generation and utilization
  • Determine the need for shutting down and reclamation of old and opportunities for setting up new MSW landfills in the Odessa region
  • Gather and summarize the information on the existing projects and technical solutions for installed capacity of MSW recycling and utilization of landfill gas
  • Identify potential environmental benefits from employing modern technology and equipment for MSW recycling and utilization, in particular for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Prepare a list of possible equipment for collection, recycling, and utilization of MSW (standard technical solutions), which could be used in the region; recommendations for priorities of use and assessment of costs of standard technical solutions;
  • Calculate the key indicators (macro-characteristics) for the municipal waste management sector in the Odessa region.

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