Developing the Municipal Energy Plan (MEP) of Zaporizhia

Period of performance: November 2012 - March 2014

Contents of the Zaporizhia Municipal Energy Plan:

1. Overview

2. Condition of the energy sector

3. Main objectives

4. Investment projects

5. Past and future energy supply-demand, cost, investment and climate balances of Zaporizhia

6. Financing

7. Organization of the MEP implementation

8. Soft measures

The Zaporizhia MEP is available in Ukrainian here

Implementation of the Municipal Energy Plan of Zaporizhia includes two phases:

  • Phase 1 (2015-2017) - implementation of pilot projects, including thermal renovation projects of 214 residential and 22 public buildings.

  • Phase 2 (2017-2030) - implementation of thermal renovation projects of 2204 residential and 339 public buildings and projects in the sectors of energy supply (natural gas substitution projects), street lighting and waste treatment.

The list of reports is available in English here

Feasibility studies for energy efficiency projects under Zaporizhia MEP implementation:

  • Investment project "Thermal retrofit of 361 public buildings"

  • Investment project "Thermal retrofit of 2 418 residential buildings"

  • Investment project "Transfer of hot water supply of Shevchenkivsky district to pellets"

  • Investment project "Transfer of Komunarsky district hot water supply to the waste heat from wastewater treatment plant (WWTP-1)"

  • Investment project "Street lighting upgrading based on LED lights and solar power"

  • Investment project "Substitution of natural gas in hot water supply systems of 590 multi-storey residential buildings by solar energy and waste heat of ventilation systems"

  • Investment project "Installation of district heating substations in public and multi-storey residential buildings"

  • Investment project "Transfer of 275 public buildings heating to pellets and heat pumps"

  • Investment project "Reducing electricity consumption in water utility "Vodokanal"

The investment projects description is available in English here

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