Residential Energy Efficiency Project in Ukraine (UREEP): Providing Technical Support for Multifamily Apartment Building Owners in the Cities of Lviv and Vinnitsya

Name of client: IFC
Period of Performance: 2013

The key focus of the UREEP Project is to enable financing of the energy efficient modernization of the multifamily housing. Energy audits are an important pre-requisite for developing business plans for Homeowner Associations (HOAs) wishing to obtain commercial financing to implement modernization measures. Energy audits also showcase to residents all deficiencies of the construction and list all necessary measurements needed to modernize the building.

Project activities:

  • Conducted energy audits for the Homeowner Associations (HOAs) of 45 multifamily buildings in cities of Lviv and Vinnitsya
  • Prepared the Energy Audit Reports which include:
    - assessment of the physical property including heat loss of the building walls, roof, basement and the walls joints with the thermal imaging camera
    - analysis of internal building heating systems
    - description of current condition of the building and the rationale for the necessary improvements
    - list of recommended improvements prioritized by internal rate of return
    - best solutions offered for recommended improvements with costs and the calculated payback of the initiatives
  • Provided necessary technical consultations and informational support for the Resource Centers for Homeowner Associations in the selected cities
  • Presentation the results of energy audits and support promotion of energy audits
  • Conducted training sessions for heads of HOAs on improving energy efficiency in residential buildings.

11 Mayakovsky Ave., Zaporizhia, 69035, Ukraine

tel. +380 61 224 68 12, tel./fax +380 61 224 66 86